Minor binding on y axis

When I go to the furthest I can north on the y axis, sometimes when I try to jog it back down south the gantry will bind.

Hasn’t done this before, I’ve checked for any slipping in the couplers and we are good there.

Plenty of grease on the lead screws.

Anything else that I haven’t checked?

It doesn’t do it 100% of the time either

you are out of square on the side rails that is what is binding…

please do not use grease…it will gum up and create problem down the line…3 in 1 o what i use is sewing machine oil…

How do I go about fixing the out of square rails?

I usually use spray silicone lube but I think I read somewhere on here that grease would be a bit better. But I’ll go back to the silicone

It’ll do you well to read through the assembly manual one more time. I had some issues and reading through it twice solved all of them!


edit: I read the date on this post as well as I read the manual the first time around… hopefully it helps someone else! :upside_down_face:


Jog machine as far north as you can. Take allen wrench and loosen motor bracket on each side. I’ll bet they snap back into place and fix your problem.