Miller XT40 Torch Shield

Thought I’d post a little info that may be helpful to anyone using a Miller 625 Xtreme with the XT40 hand torch. This information should be useful to anyone using the hand torch and wanting a machine torch shield, which is usually recommended when using a torch on a CNC table. Normally, the hand torches come with drag shields (30 and 40 amp) and there is no mention in Millers consumables info of a machine torch shield unless you are specifically looking at the XT40M machine torch - the info is there, but it’s a little hard to dig up unless you are specifically looking for it.

I’m going to be using a machine torch in my setup and it came with the shield, but only one. So I wanted to get a few extra assuming they would get used up over time. I ordered the Miller machine torch shields (part # 249937) online at Cyberweld. I could only find them reasonably priced at Cyberweld - everywhere else wanted over $20 each, but I got 5 from Cyberweld to hit their free shipping for about $11 each.

I also have a hand torch, so I checked to make sure it fit correctly. It does - so if you are using a hand torch this could be a good option for you if you are using it as a machine torch. Attached a few pics of the part and the machine torch shield on the hand torch.






Hope that helps someone…


Some measurements as info:

Recess of tip using Machine Torch Shield
40A Tip: 0.0605 / 1.5mm
30A Tip: 0.1640 / 4.17mm

Recess of tip using regular Drag Shield
40A Tip: 0.1100 / 2.79mm (40a drag shield)
30A Tip: 0.0585 / 1.48mm (30a drag shield)

Not sure how critical the recess dimension (how far the tip is from the outside surface of the shield) is to cut performance, but it could be that the 30amp consumables (which are shorter) may not work as well with the machine torch shield. There is not a machine torch shield for 30amp consumables that I know of.

Miller manual calls for a 1/8" or .125" stand off between the cutting tip and the metal, I really think that’s a lot.

But if you say the Recess of tip using Machine Torch Shield
40A Tip: 0.0605 / 1.5mm then a .060" shim would give you the 1/8"/.125" stand off needed. Again I still think its a big gap.


1/8" does seem like alot. I’ll try and do some testing when I get my table in, and I’ll add any info I get to the thread.

I am disgusted that Miller just ignores this part of the industry. I would like to know their thinking on why they would not make shields for our machines like Hypotherm and even the Chinese manufacturers do. When I bought my 625 ex I could have had a Hypotherm for just a few hundred dollars more, had I known I would some day end up with a table I would have not bought the Miller. Before I spend money on a machine torch for it I would be better off selling it and buying something else since the shields for even the machine torch are limited at best.
I have been looking at these shields your posting here but out of fear of the heat melting down my torch I have not tried them yet.
Hope they work for you, let us know when you get your Crossfire.


Just a note to let any Hobart users this all stands true for at least the 40i as well, as it too uses the XT40 hand torch.

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@James5 I used machine parts on my ICE40 and then on my buddies 625 Miller with same but newer version torch. Made another shim at .080" and it worked very well.

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I know where you’re coming from - feel very similar about Miller’s plasma stuff. I almost went HT, but I’ve had Miller welders and like their stuff, so I stuck with them, but it definitely feels like an afterthought from them. My guess is they use them to sweeten their big industrial deals by throwing in some plasma machines. They definitely don’t cater to the small guy/hobbyist very well, but then again we probably only make up <5% of their business - most hobbyists tend to go cheap overseas stuff (which will soon be as good as or better than the Millers and HT’s if they are not careful, if it’s not already). I see one of the HT sales guys on this board which says ALOT about how good they are looking out for their customers. I’d be shocked if a Miller guy showed up here. (I love being wrong, so if there is someone here reading, awesome!)

Don’t want to break the new to you, but your Miller is a high dollar Chinese plasma cutter.


Don’t worry - you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. Millers are designed and Assembled in Appleton, WI. But you are right, there are surely foreign made components in the design - you just can’t source some of the parts economically in the USA anymore. The main difference is the quality of the engineering / quality control they go thru, including the support behind them. That’s a big part of what you pay for - but I’ve seen some cases the warranty is better on the imports - they make em cheap, discard and replace them when they break - it’s a numbers game to keep the fail rate low enough to keep making money. As usual, it spells trouble for USA manufacturers, but that’s not a new story.

ok - in the interest of keeping thread informative…I remembered I had some shields in the standard handheld consumables kit that I forgot about. It is part number 249933. I think I’ve only used these when I’ve cut very thin aluminum (0.030) and 26-30ga steel. Since I’m a noob with the CNC table - perhaps some folks could weigh in on the use of this shield vs the drag vs the machine shield. My take has been the machine shield will be best when piercing and provide some protection to the tip from metal being blown back. I’ve also read somewhere the hand drag shields are not recommended on the CNC table, but I don’t have my head around the reasoning.

With this deflector shield, the tip is exposed but seems like it would work fine with CNC table. So what do y’all think?




I have one of thos shields in my kit but never used it, you go first and let me know how it works out for ya.


This is actually also the Hobart assigned shield when not using the Drag shield.
Part #770793

It’s all I’ve used with my Crossfire thus far.


Thanks for info - interesting - I’ve not really looked at Hobart brand before except for mig wire spools. Seems like they are owned by Miller? Website looks the same with orange instead of blue. Digging around the website - the Airforce 40i looks exactly the same as the 625 Xtreme for a little less $$$. Uses an XT40R torch - which i can only assume is identical to the XT40 I’m using. So perhaps this info would apply to both - just different part numbers.

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Yes, all true James.
Miller Diversion TIG and and Hobart EZ TIG are also the same with different branding.
My Hobart Ironman 230 MIG also uses Miller components and consumables.

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After running a bunch of cuts, I think you’re correct - the standoff is too high when using .06 default cut height + the machine shield’s standoff. I’m going to be setting the g-code cut height to 0.01 when using the shield. I’ll run some tests with and without the shield and post back here. I think this may be the cause of some of the THC issues I’ve had.

Airforce 40i is much bigger. And heavier. I’ve used one.

This is the setup I’ve always used from day 1. Always worked well. Just got the machine torch in so I’ll be testing it soon.

That’s all I have ever used on my 625 X-treme and I have cuts tons of 1/4, 3/8 and some 1/2" with it but im actually interested in trying the machine tip…and the 1/8" stand off using the deflector setup works best I most of the time pull up just a hair off the shim and works best and get more tip life then if I accidently forget to run proper stand off

So I’ve been using my Miller 625 with the long machine torch and height controller for about 8 months now. I have had zero issues with the setup and the consumables last 2-3 times as long. I can’t remember the last time I had a messed up piece of steel that was not my own fault what an excellent setup!
Dross is very low and just chips off. Loving my plasma again!

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