Miller spectrum 625 X-treme Machine Torch

I currently have the Miller spectrum 625 X-treme with a hand torch and the original crossfire.

I was thinking about picking up the machine torch for the unit, and was wondering if anyone on here is using a machine torch with their Miller? If so, did you have any issues getting it to work? I wasn’t thinking I would need the automation kit, however whenever Langmuir releases the Z-Axis upgrade for the original crossfire, I will likely pick it up.

I current am using the Miller 625 X-treme, no problems

David, are you using the machine torch with it?

I’m using the hand torch now, but was wondering if anyone has experienced any issues running the machine torch, with/without the automation kit, which I was hoping to avoid purchasing.

Thanks for your input!

I have considered picking up the machine torch for my 625 ex.

Here are my thoughts:
For the price of the machine torch I would be better off selling the 625 ex and buying a Hypotherm that I should have bought in the first place.
I did not have or intend to have a CNC table when I bought the Miller. The wide variety of tips for the Hypotherm and the lack of tips for the Miller makes it clear if your going to cut with a machine torch Hypotherm is the way do go. Investing in a machine torch for the 625 ex is just throwing good money after bad for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Miller welders and the plasma cutter works good but for CNC cutting their is not enough variety in cutting tips available.
Just my opinion.


Your not going to get a better variety of cutting tips with the Hypertherm.

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Yeah - I agree with ctgolfer - look close at the pricing on the torch - you are probably better off getting a new machine with one than buying the miller torch - it’s crazy overpriced. I had a 625ex with no cnc and 12’ torch and ended up getting a new 625ex with cnc and machine torch - it made more $ sense for me to do that than buying the machine torch and cnc add on board.

But I’ve heard they are no longer offering cnc option with 625ex - so it may be harder to find the miller machine torches going forward. As much as I like miller stuff - I’d probably go HT or even Everlast if doing it again. I also like HTP stuff alot. But my miller runs great - so I’m sticking with it until it dies.

Ok, thanks for the input guys. Good input to think about.

There is currently nothing wrong with my 625ex, so loosing money selling it is a hard pill to swallow. I probably should have gotten the Hypertherm to begin with, but too late for that now.

I agree though, that the machine torch, and if necessary the automation kit, is expensive. I’m really torn, as I mostly use everything for personal projects, and I’m not really making money off of it.

I can get the short body machine torch for $520, but I’m afraid of spending that money only to find it doesn’t meet my needs.

Thanks again.

If it makes you feel better I have been using my 625ex with the hand torch since last June, works pretty well. I like that I can just turn a screw and use the hand torch to trim something or cut something not on the Crossfire. I would not like having to change torches just to make a few cuts by hand. Unless I hade a second plasma cutter I don’t think I would care for the machine torch if there were not better consumables offered for the machine torch.

Well, you do :wink: (I’ll have to run over & pick up my extra one). I used the table with just a hand torch for months then switched plasma units to a Hypertherm with both. It’s easy to swap the two - the machine torch is always mounted on the table and I have to plug it into the box anyway (I didn’t build any shelf or anything under the table & I roll the table into the center of the garage to use and then back against the side when I’m done).

The machine torch never moves once it’s setup - even swapping consumables can be done without taking the torch off. Get it vertical and square and it’s good as long as you knock it out of alignment. It’s also held to the riser on the torch body vs clamping around the nozzle so it’s not deforming anything.

But it’s expensive to have both. If you’re getting a Hypertherm, then Baker often runs specials where you get both torches and the price isn’t that much more than with a single torch.


@ctgolfer, Yes, I’ve been just using the hand torch as well. It works well enough, but lately I’ve been doing some thicker material and it’s been challenging getting everything aligned perfectly so I don’t get any bevel. I was thinking the machine torch might be easier to align, but probably not worth the $$ just for that I guess…

Out of curiosity, you guys keep talking about all the available tips that Hypertherm has. What do the other tips get you? Is it just different kerf thicknesses, or is there something else?

I don’t have Hypotherm but they have a “fine cut” tip that folks seem to use alot. We can only use the drag shields on our hand torches, not made for clean slick cuts, with others you can use machine tips on the hand torches which gives you better cuts I believe.

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Well I just got the machine torch in and my pro is on its way. Had no issues with the hand torch but I’ll let you know if it fixes the bevels…

I realize this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you could tell me your feelings about that machine torch now that you’ve been running it all this time. I have a Miller 625 extreme that I’m thinking of putting the short body machine torch on And I’m curious how the pro will handle it

I love it! Settings were a bit different than the hand torch. Longer pierce delay being the main thing. Consumable life seems much better. I also got the actual cnc controller faceplate for my 625. Not sure if it’s still available or if you have it… One thing to consider between the long and short, is if you decide to do things of a different height, like removing your water tray and cutting something lower than the table, you have more variety of cut hight ( or depth) with the long torch. I had a 12 foot 6x6 Tobe I had to work on. It would not fit on my table, but I removed the water table and set my long torch deeper than I could hive with the short torch. Just something to think about. I’m on Facebook at " Molten Metals" if you want to see some of the pieces I make with it. Cheers

I also see this is an old thread. This may be a dumb question and I may be over simplifying my thoughts but. I have a Miller also and was wondering why I couldn’t by a Hypotherm machine torch and make it work on the Miller I understand it would need some modifying. We are just working with air and electricity to make this fire correct?

@Wanabe There are some companies that make a retrofit torch to other brands that holds the hypertherm consumables.

@mechanic416 our resident guru has the ability to source all types of plasma parts.

Also I saw this the other day.

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Thanks for the input. I’m just working through calibration with the hand torch at the moment. So far not bad. I’m not sure how good it can get but so far not too bad. Some cuts are square and some have as much as 3 or 4 degrees of angle to them.