Miller Spectrum 625 Wiring Harness idea

For my first post i figured I’d share one of my ideas for using the Miller spectrum 625 with Langmuir table. You’ll need a 3D printer for this

It’s basically just a male and female ends so you don’t have to splice the wires on the cutter. you basically make a three way plug with it and plug one end into harness, other onto the control board, and the other goes to the computer for the table. Figured it might be mildly useful to someone.

Uses TE AMP connectors:

you can also buy the connectors if you don’t have access to 3d printer:

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I’m in the process of setting up a Miller Spectrum 625. I’ve found that plug on the circuit board.
Can you show me on the harness which wires go to which pin on that plug? Are you using the raw harness or the divided harness?



I’m sorry, I just saw this… do you still need help? I can send you pictures of how I did it if so