Miller spectrum 2050

Is anyone else using a Miller spectrum 2050? I just recently got one and would like to compare with anyone else who may have some info about it. I don’t know much about it as I just got it a few weeks ago and decided to use it instead of the Hobart 500i I had lined up.

My table should ship this week so hopefully, all goes well when it gets here.

Hey McGee

The miller 2050 is an older version of the newer Miller Spectrum 875. It’ll certainly cut thicker than the Hobart would. I’m actually going to be running the same size machine (in the 875 form) on my table.

P.s.- Miller actually owns Hobart.

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Well, that’s news to me I had no idea they opened them. Thanks for the info, are you due to get your machine soon?

I actually just finished assembling mine last night. Just need to find time get it going.

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Outstanding! I’m super jelly right now. What was your order number? mine is 1375 supposedly I due to ship between the 13th-17th… hopefully I get a shipping notification.

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You think our speeds for cutting would be the same if not pretty close?

anyone figure out the wiring of the miller products, Mine is a 375 extreme. Switch looks to be violet and orange. If so, do you need to fix the safety switch to on somehow? Tape it open?

If it goes together like mine mine no. I pulled up my wire diagram and looked for the trigger wires. In my case I believe they were purple. I applied the two connectors and it worked out perfectly.

wire diagram for Miller 375

So you’ll use orange and what ever the other color is. I can’t make it out in the photo. It’s not the one that says cup switch.

Your opening the cutter and attaching to the inside right?

violet and orange. going to install a quick disconnect.

thats a good idea. I’ll see if I can do that.

Yeah that’s what I did on mine I opened the cutter and attached to the wires on the inside.

Had mine hooked to a 2050. Worked great!

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Our shop is using a Miller Spectrum 875. To wire it you’ll need torx wrenches to open the case up and some pretty basic wiring skills. I recommend installing a some sort of quick-connect plug on the back of the machine so you can just unplug it from the Lang-Muir control wire and use the torch as a handheld unit when you need to. We used a 4 pin DIN connector (only used 2 pins) but you could use anything that’s rated for 1amp or more.

The manual for the 875 is available online as a PDF and includes the wiring schematics in the back of it.