Miller Spectrum 2050 THC

What wires do I connect the THC to on a spectrum 2050? Photo would be amazing!

Here’s the manual for the machine.

I haven’t looked into this very deep but normally towards the end of a manual will be the electrical layout for the machine.

Look through that schematic until you find the word electrode and work.

Trace those wires back to the lugs that they’re connected to in the machine.

Attach your banana clips wires there for a reading of raw voltage.

It should show it on the diagram but a note here is that the work (colloquially called the ground clamp) is positive.

I haven’t delved into this machine s manual so I’m not too sure if it’s high frequency or not so I would look into that some first.

When I get back to a real computer I could take closer look at the wiring schematic.

And @Nathan welcome to The Forum

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Ok I got it figured out works like a top. Thank u

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That’s great to hear. I think you might have to post a couple more replies to be able to upload something. It would be great if you could upload some pictures of your installation in case somebody in the future runs across this topic needing the same information.

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Im starting to put mine together this weakend, i also have the 2050. Do u happen to have pics of where u hooked the thc controller too?

use at your own risk but this is the best I can do without a machine in front of me.

Purple is the trigger ON/OFF

Red work Clamp

Black to Electrode.

I’m sorry I don’t have any photos. I will see if I can get some.

Ok I got what u need. We have a retrofit TH-70 gun. So ignore the ball of wires. If you have any questions let me know. The THC wire ties into the thick white wires.

Thanks. FINALLY working on it this weakend, got sick and was down for a few weeks. But i assembled and started it on Saturday hope to finish up this weakend. Thanks for the help