Miller 625X problems

Trying to use my 625 with CrossFire and it will not light up. The plasma is shooting fine if I jump the wires I hooked into the CNC plug but it’s not getting a signal from the CF box according to my tester. Please help, was finally catching on to this except for the dimension of sketch thing which is another story.
Just need to get the flashing yellow solid and the torch to fire…

Hi there, we sent you a response to your email with some things to check!

Hi Langnuir Daniel,

I am having the exact same problem. I have a miller 625x. I am not getting signal from the CF box. I can jump the wires I connected into the 625 and the torch will fire. please help.

@B-Lack please see this thread it should diagnose your exact problem: Torch Not Firing - Troubleshooting Guide

That fixed it! Thank you for the fast response.

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Great news thanks for the follow up @B-Lack!