Miller 625 extreme

does anyone have any tips or info that would help me to wire my miller 625 extreme?

Following. I will also be using a 625 extreme.

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also looking for the miller 375 EX. I think its the violet and orange switch wires. Need confirmation. I’ll post if I get an answer form Miller.

figured it out take off shell by removing two top torx screw. Thre is a four pach of wires coming out of the back end of were you plug torch into. its actually all white wires but there is a plug with four wires the wires have numbers printed on the you need to splice into wire with 25a and 26 printed on them


Im pretty sure I used the purple and orange wire on mine and it works…

Heres what I did for a 375 EX I think its similar to your 625

It is purple and orange.

MYy 625 xtreme has no purple and orange… All white (one striped red) coming from torch. All stamped with numbers as Joe243672 said. 24,25a,25b,and 26. There was a cnc version and a regular version by what I remember. Mine was the regular one without the plug in which looks like an Ethernet port… Manufactured in 2018.

i got a 375 x and mine was the two purple wires,

in that case just trace it from the handle thats what I did to verify mine its the same switch so the same wires maybe just a different color.

Thank chowpay. I’m up and running. I just put the post up to verify the 625 xtreme I have was the same as Joe had. The white stamped wires he listed are correct and vverified with my machine.

How did you know which wires to connect to the 25A and 26? I have clamped the inline splices on and have it wired, but am afraid to try and cut without knowing which wire to connect to which lead on the cable to go to the THC input?

@timo1973 Just to clarify, THC is torch height control. You are just trying to get the torch to fire, correct? Not to control the height of the torch as it is cutting.

If so, you can disconnect the torch, and use a multi-meter to determine which two pins need to be used. When you press the hand torch switch, there will be continuity between those two pins. It may be 25A and 26, but I would verify with a meter. Basically, activating the switch on the hand torch just closes the circuit on those two pins. Langmuir has a pretty good tutorial on how to do this:

Since telling the plasma to fire the torch with the switch is just a matter of connecting the circuit together, it shouldn’t matter which lead connects to which, as it is ultimately just a switch that connects the inputs together.

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