Military Vet new to CNC plasma from Mississippi

Bought the XR table with SheetCam and Fusion 360. I have watched all Langmuir tutorials in depth but am still having issues with next steps after creating toolpath. I cannot find a video on how to proper set up g code for firecontrol. Any help would be appreciated.

Are using Sheetcam for that or Fusion? I can help, if you are using Sheetcam. Someone else will have to help you, if you are using Fusion to create the toolpaths.

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I am using Fusion at the moment. I have not even opened Sheetcam. Is there a good thorough tutorial for it?

Arclight Dynamics has some good videos on Youtube. Some of the stuff is specific to their tables, but the majority is useful for anyone using Sheetcam for plasma cutting.

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@TinWhisperer goes through the basic process of toolpathing and downloading to cut on LS system. Very easy and worthwhile. Look for Fusion360 tutorial on this site with the search tool.


Thanks for the redirect @TomWS

If you click my avatar a link for the fusion videos will pop up in my banner.

Langmuir has their own walkthrough videos here.

And if you get into YouTube search product design online and start with sketches in fusion 360.
Product design online has some of the best Fusion 360 tutorials out there.

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