Military Challenge Coin Display

Good /morning/afternoon/evening! Long time lurker, first time poster. I am retired from the military and recently set up a pro table for use in my garage. I am very experienced using plasma tables so cnc plasma is old territory for me but new in that I am now doing it on my own dime and not Uncle Sam’s. I need to make a challenge coin holder; I have a ton of ideas but was wondering if anyone here had made one and if so, how did you do it? I have found that usually at least three people’s idea of the the right way tends to be the correct way if that makes sense. Thanks and have a great day!

You should read Donald Knuth’s article/treatise on the ideal computer where he compares various number bases to determine the most efficient base. From his analysis, he determined, ‘e’ (2.718281828459045…, Euler’s number, etc.) as the most efficient for real world problem solving because it occurs as a base so often.

I, myself, have concluded that the ideal committee size is ‘e’. Where 2 people are able to hammer out the issues sometimes, but 71.281828459045 % of the time, you need a tie breaker.

So, I completely agree with you (in probably an ‘e’ proportionally obnoxious way :sunglasses:

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When I was in college we would refer to this as a “3rd floor joke”. The study lobby in the engineering building was on the 3rd floor. We told all sorts of jokes amongst ourselves and thought they were hilarious… until we tried them out on girls…. Or our non engineering friends. :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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Interesting point. I have found the ‘e’ jokes are far less effective than ‘g’ jokes with girls. I’ve never figured out why, mainly because I gave up pursuing the question after the discovery of ‘g’ jokes.


We had the ECE group - we’d talk in binary and drive the other engineering students nuts. To be honest it was a bit tedious on our end but it did get a rise out of them so we did it anyway.

We were easily amused. Not a lot to do in Potsdam.

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ECE is a whole other level that is for sure!!

You guys are wicked smart!! :+1:t2:

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