Mid cut restart

please help, my machine will sometimes encounter a fault mid cut. when retrying the cut i have the options of restarting the line or the loop only right? if the fault happened too far from the beginning of a line/loop then I’m just cutting over a previously cut area and the arc shuts off. how can i restart from the place the fault occurred instead of back to the beginning of the line/loop?

Restarting from a line is the best you can do. Loop will go back to the beginning of the cut loop. Line will go back to the closest action point, like the start of a straight line or arc. If you have to, you can place a piece of thin metal over the previously cut area and the THC will correct the cut height when it gets to your uncut workpiece.

I just had this happen when an electrode blew out in the middle of a long straight cut. I hit stop and had to restart from the line after I replaced the consumables. My cutter was able to go over at least 8 inches of previously cut metal without the arc going out.

Get comfortable hand modifying code in a text editor. You can do an awful lot once you know how to find and modify the line in question. It’s not the quick solution, but it’s the one that long term will be the most useful as it will make understanding the G code much easier if you have to troubleshoot other program problems.

Here is a link to a post I made about that with screenshots.

it visually walks through exactly what @ds690 wrote.

With line selection you may have to run over a line again for a short period .

If you click on drawing in firecontrol it with bring up that line of programming.

If all else fails, load the program back up in sheet cam or other, remove the cuts already done and move the start point near where you stopped cutting.

I’ve had this happen a few times. Sometimes I’ve got away with it with a thin plate, other times and the first thing I try it to up the cut speed a lot, then reset the speed just as your going to hit the resume mark. If that fails its back to the office to perform the program mod to move the start point.