MetcalCast Paint

Hey guys, I did a quick forum search but didn’t see anything. Anyway, I was wondering how people are using the Metalcast paint. Is anyone spraying the Metalcast colors directly onto the metal without using the base paint?

Its quickly become my favorite way to finish the metal! Any translucent paint will work, I have even used spray window tint for black. Hobby Lobby also sells stained glass paint which also works well… I finish them with triple thick rustoleum clear, comes out great! These pictures do it no justice!

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Metalcast paint is great. And looks great under coats of clear. Adds depth. I use it on glass though haven’t tried it on steel. not much art stuff going on in my shop yet. If your’e in Canada metalcast yellow isn’t sold here. Cadmium I think is what stops them from importing, I used it to make some yellow glass lenses for fog lights which was the perfect colour but I have to get it in the states. Looks like the rest of the colors are ok. The other brands have similar but the colours aren’t near as nice.

I have used the metalcast paints in the past over different colors of paint to add depth and give the paint job. The background color (or lack there of) effects the final color of the piece. The metal cast colors are transparent (It’s just rattle can candy coat paint).

Looks great D, are u sticking with it or farming out for powder coating at all. I’m looking for alternatives to adding another person to my process such as powder coating.

I use it for most things, if someone wants it powderxoated, I’ll send it out… here is a little bit of everything!


Tried out the red the other day, turns out real nice on brushed aluminum. Picked up the blue too, but have not tried it yet.


That’s an awesome red!

thats nice!

I’ve used the purple and really like the way it looks different in different lights. :+1: