Metal will not cut (solved)

My design will not cut all the way through. Not sure if it is a problem with my tool on fusion or my machine. The metal is 3/8 inch thick. Let me know if anyone knows why this is happening. Thanks.

You will need to tell us more if you want help.
Do your home work and list everything you can about your set up and your cutting settings EVERYTHING you can think of


We’ll have to get your settings to know more or you could post your G-Code. But I can speculate a little bit with the limited information.

Work clamp not on the material

Bad or improper consumables

Wrong amperage setting.

Too fast for amperage setting.

Incorrect cut height.

We should be able to whittle down this list once we have a few more pieces of the puzzle.


Hard to tell for sure, but it looks like your pierce cuts went all the way through, so maybe just slow the cut rate.

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@kur here are some basic questions to give us a little more context.

System Info

What Type of CNC table do you own?

Do you have a Z axis for THC?

Are you Connected to Raw or Divided Voltage?

Are you using Nominal Voltage or Smart Voltage for the THC?

What Type of Plasma Cutter do you have?

What torch are you using on your Plasma Cutter?

What consumable stack is install in the torch?

What is the current Consumable Condition ?

What is the specs of your compressor?

How are you drying the compressed air?

Are you placing the work (ground…) clamp directly on the material (work)?

Are you using a Laptop , Mini PC or Desktop?

Which operating systems are you using?

Are you using Firecontrol or Mach 3 ?

Which version of Fire Control are you using?

Are you using SheetCAM or Fusion 360 for post processing?

Operation Info

What material type are you cutting?

What material thickness are you cutting?

What consumable stack are you using for this cut?

How fast are you cutting in IPM(inches per minute)?

What is your cut height?

What is your pierce height?

What amperage is your plasma cutter set for?

Are you set to Smart or Nominal Voltage?

If a Nominal voltage what are you setting it to?

How many inches of cutting are in this program?

How many pierces are in this program?

Can you post the G code *.tap or *.nc ?

Can you post a design file *f3d or *f3z from Fusion 360?


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Tell me you copied and pasted that list?

That time I wrote it out but in the future I may refer back to this list and copy and paste it to a new topic.


You must type a couple of words per min faster then I… like 400 more

I had an idea a while back for a “How to ask for help” thread. Basically a stickied post that lists what you put up there. But, I got distracted.

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A whole lot of variables but first glance, you are piercing then running off. Your round holes look pretty good and I can see a pierce on your straight cuts. Looks to me that your cut speed could be nearly double what it should. I haven’t cut much 3/8, but at 45 amps I think I was cutting 25 Ipm

@Kur well…have you had any luck?

The Earth Swallowed him up on Mar 7…


I got it. thank you all for the help

Do everybody a favor and give us some details on what fixed it please


All I did was slow down how fast the torch moves on fire control and it cut through all the way. The feed rate was at 100% and I believe I set it to 40%.

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You can set that in fusion360 or sheetcam. Instead of guessing at a speed in firecontrol.