Metal thickness

Ive been cutting just 14 gage…mostly just signs.Its time to head back to get more steel and was wondering if i should get 16 gage this time for that type of stuff.What is everyones opinion.

just depends on what the sign is for. I’d offer both. make the cheaper signs with the thinner material etc. If it has some backing or is mounted to something then thinner is ok. if its hanging all on its own, heck you could do 1/8" or thicker. 1/8 is about 11g I think

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Went to cut 14 gauge for first time and the piece keeps warping and buckling causing the torch to catch the piece and mess up the entire project. I saw you were cutting 14 and 16 g, any suggestions on how to stop this? Thanks

I have been using alot of 14 gauge, its seems to work well for what I have been making. Mainly signs and decorative items. I am ordering a water table asap. It should take care of all the warpage that has been occuring due to the heat.

If you don’t have a water table a combination of clamping and ordering the paths (cuts) can help. Get a couple of pieced of long flat stock, place them over the sheet material and clamp them down. Make sure you keep them out of the path of the torch head.

When you set up your paths, order them with as much spacing as you can - for instance something on the left followed by one in the middle and then one on top and one on the right… Make sure you set F360 to do them in the order selected. It’s not as fast but you’re giving one cut time to cool before coming back to that area.

A water table makes that unnecessary.

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I have a water table.I think when you create a tool you set your diameter of your torch…the default setting was alot smaller than my torch.This setting will increase the distance the torch will stay away from previous cuts when the stay down feature is activated when you set up your 2d profile.If im wrong someone correct me please.

iv been cutting 18g with no water table and maxing out the tables travel. I haven’t noticed any warpage. I’m going at 100imp which is way slower than my xp30 recommends also. what is your IPM when cutting?

I’m cutting 16 Ga mostly
With a water table
At 70 ipm
28 Amps
Cuts perfect
I use pre order stratedgety to keep torch on opposites side of the sheet as much as possible
I will feed hold too every so often to allow it too cool it it has to cut in the same area for awhile.

I also spray water with a spray bottle in the cut area during and after the cutter moves
I have 0 warpage.

Just cut this
0.060” cold rolled steel . Fairly thin
28 Amps
70 ipm
0.073 torch height
.3 pierce delay
There some fine detail on this piece!


Wow. This turned out great. Tons of detail. I’m doing a compilation video of what people have been able to accomplish with their Langmuir CNC. I’d like to send people to your Etsy Instagram FB or website as well if you have any of these.

Have An ETSY Page
But everything I’ve cut so far has been for family and customers

Haven’t had a chance to just make a project to sell on the page.

But I guess that’s a good thing… LOL

This was a huge hit!
Got me 6 orders … all from family members.