Metal prices for plate steel

Is $0.25 a pound a good price for 1/4" plate steel? The local scrap yard has 48"x48" sheets that are 162 lbs or $40.50.

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I’d say so. I bought some misc. tube and flat stock scrap last month for $.36/lb. There is a huge influx of scrap steel coming into the market due to some new Railcar regulations, so unless we start selling lots of steel to Mexico and China, prices should be staying low for a while.

As long as the sheets are flat and not too warped that is a great price.
Getting them down to a more manageable size would be the only hard part. If I had that deal here I would take 8 or 10 of them 1/4" is a great size to have around for many things.


Yeah, I bought 4 of them but getting them out of the truck by myself was interesting to say the least…

Drops in my area are $0.55/lb and you never see anything that large, so hell yeah.

Central California remnants are $0.95 lb any carbon steel cut offs, and I think I’m paying around $0.65 per lb 16 gauge and $0.75 per lb for 14 gauge HRS for 4x8 sheet.

.25/lb is fantastic from any metal retailer. I have a huge metal supplier locally and pay .72/lb for cold rolled new sheets, .59/lb for their rems on any A36 sheet steal but they have a section at the very back of the lot that’s .23/lb for steel and .90/lb for aluminum plate. There’s no rhyme or reason to what’s back there, some of it’s bent, rusty and trashed, and others are fresh off the sheer. I often get odd shapes of 3/16" and 1/4" HRS back there. Sometimes they’re weird 8"x48" chunks of 1/4" that I can cut tabs and brackets out of or sometimes 48x48 3/16" in perfect shape I can use for bumpers. I’m happy to have them all at that price!

Last week I bought the equivalent of about 48x60 3/16" in multiple odd pieces for about $40 and cut $400 in brackets out of it. I wish I could do that every week!


so I buy all hot rolled plate steel…readily available to me here in Ottawa Canada.
current price quoted today…

4’x8’ 16 gauge 80lbs…$155.04…$128.12USD
4’x8’ 14 gauge 99.84lbs…$195.19…$161.21USD
4’x8’ 11 gauge 163.2lbs…$319.06…$263.65USD

that is working out to $1.96lb…$1.62USD

14ga hot rolled is $130 tax included where I buy in southern middle Tennessee. I can also pick through their drops and make an offer on those so far less than 25 cents a pound.

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That’s up there I just bought 3 sheets today from a supplier I never use because I’m on the other side of the country and it was only $155 CAD.

who was it…hell I might order from them…

Shipping might be a killer lol

I was quoted 117 for 4x10 hot rolled 16 gauge last week.

Unless I heard him wrong and he meant 170. But I’m pretty sure it was 117.

In Utah, Boman & Kemp steel.

Are those full sheet 14 gauge at that price? Those are nice drops. Where do you buy those?

Graves Metal Products Shelbyville TN

Spokane, WA. 14g 4x8 @ $145