Metal gauge used for outdoor signs?

What gauge metal are you guys using for outdoor signs and do you powder coat them ?
Also would like to know where you guys buy your metal in Ontario Canada

hey…you live just outside Ottawa right?..I go to Loucon metals for my stuff…easiest and usually everything is in stock.

75% of what I use is 14g for my signs…but it depends on the size…sometimes the larger signs need thicker metal…sometimes ones being mounted on a background can be 16g…

it all comes down to experiance and trial and error.

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Hi Toolboy
Yes that me in Cumberland. I finally had the time to get the bugs out and got my crossfire working good. I;ve been busy with my CO2 laser, Openbuilds Vcarve machine and my old cars.
I was at Loucon Metals today with no luck since they told me they cant cut 14 gauge sheet steel as it bends in their brake instead of cutting. They said I would have to purchase full sheets.

As I recall, @Cletus posted a rig to easily cut up large sheets into manageable size. Maybe you and @toolboy could work something out…

I sent you a PM with a copy of myy last invoice from them.
funny they say that because I order my steel 32x48 from 16,14,11 gauge all the time.

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Built with 1"x2" tubing, 1/2" conduit pipe and fittings, threaded rod and other junk-box stuff. Vid shows the first test, but I was running it WAY TOO SLOW.

Thanks for the pricing info. I’ve spent the last 8 hours trying to get over the sticker shock, I’m learning to live with the price if you breaking it down per square foot price.
I was given very close to the same prices at Metal Supermarket .
When I was asking Loucon Metals for pricing I believe I was quoted on 20/22 gauge which was too thin to cut properly on their machine. I will call Loucon back and order a sheet of 14 gauge with 32 " cut size.
Thanks to all for your input

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I gotta ask @toolboy , what is your price out there for sheet steel? I think the last time I got a 24x48 sheet of 16 ga it was around $66 which floored me a bit.

I was buying from Metal Supermarket here in Nanaimo because it was pretty much the only game in town who’d cut to size so I could transport it then found out my son could get it for me through his shop (he’s a welder/fabricator for a local aluminum boat manufacturer).

Game changer!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Here in Trinidad, today, I am paying TT$995.00 + TT$45 delivery (US$146.32 + US$7.00) for 16g 48" x 96" sheets. It started out at US$750 in mid 2020 when I got the Plasma cutter.

here is a clip of my invoice for the metal I got today
keep in mind for you American folks…tis is in Canadian “monopoly” money…lol

So yeah that’s pretty close to what I was paying. Guess I was just remembering the good ole days :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Glad I finally figured my son could get it for me. :man_facepalming:

A whole lot cheaper!!

I live in Southern Indiana. I bought a 48" x 96" sheet of 16 gauge last week for $129.00. I picked it up at the supplier, but they deliver locally for free.

What supplier do you use?


Where you at?

Stop buy a couple local machine shops and ask them if the know of/or recommend local steel suppliers.

Tell them what you are doing starting in this hobby, might lead to some scrap or future work when you get comfortable