Metal dino puzzles

So anyone use these for plasma work? Click on the dinosaurs

:sauropod: :t_rex:

So wife said NO to some ideas in new yard so I am going to make a small dino park down by the creek this fall, with a fire pit etc, so I have place to relax.

Plan on a pack of 16 ga velociraptor to start with :smile:

Just curious of dxf qualities

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This may change, talked with afriend who does rc…might base dinos off rc scale , build a couple 1992 sand jurassic park jeeps first, for drinking in the back yard with buddies…grown-up-ish army men or cowboy indian shit :thinking:

Same dxfs just different sizes

Did this one from fireshare last year.

1/8 aluminum

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looks like the aluminum cut real nice.

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Thanks. 1/8 in aluminum seems to cut all right when it’s set up. I posted another picture above of the piece before clean up.

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At 1st im like"I want a dinosaur army, 6ft tall" wife said i was “----'zzzz-----”…well…so this thread.
I will look at the share file, what gage?

I buy it as eighth in aluminum but I’ve never put a micrometer on it.

What size sheet did it take? Did you scale it?

Hope to get a metal quote next week…