Members with hurricane damage

I noticed on the member map that there were 2 or more members that are in my area. Anyone in south Alabama or northwest Fla that took damage and need some help let me know. Ill come as soon as I can. We finally got power back on. Now its on to helping others get back to normal.


I have a place in mobile. Took some roof damage and the fence got wiped out, but very fortunate based on what I’ve seen around.

Power was only out for 3 days so it sounds like you got hit a lot worse.

Foley got hammered. We were fortunate. We have a lot of live oaks around our house and were fairly protected. Most of our neighbors outside if those oaks got hit pretty hard. Ive never been in a hurricane as strange as that one. When the eye of ivan passed over it wasnt maybe 3 minutes and we were in the backside of the storm with debri hitting the house. This came and was calm for 4 hours before winds picked back up but only in gust of 70mph +/-.
I’m guessing it’ll be a month before everyone in foley has power. Maybe longer. Power companies are doing a heck of a job though. We have been impressed with their progress all things considered.

Someone said the pumps in the tunnel quit at some point and water was rising. Seems like I heard that Thursday morning. You hear anything on that? Styx River Bridge just north of the water park road was under several feet of water. Hard to imagine. I think it crested at 24 or 27 feet. Imagine that tube or canoe ride

Don’t know if that’ll load. A lot of foley looks like that. Most of my pics are on my camera but I took this one yesterday. Nice Hummer under that pile