Member in Surprise Arizona looking for some setup help

Need help finishing set up, and ensuring table is properly assembled. Ready to hire.

Original Post: After seeing all the issues others are having with this system, and the issues i’ve had putting this thing together for weeks… I absolutely regret purchasing this machine. That being said… Im down a bunch of money and need to get this dang thing working.

My machine keeps making loud noices when it is supposed to be moving on the test run. Im using the Gen2+Crossfire-BreakIn-v-Dry_Run file and I honestly don’t understand this at all. Yesterday I was able to get the machine moving diagonally for just a partial bit of the table, then it would continue just going vertical, or horizontal. Now, I cannot get it to move at all.

All I get are loud noises and the machine wont move… HELPPPP

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This forums pretty well here to help people solve issues. So that’s the main reason why you see "so"many issues.

Normally the people that get their stuff working good never come on here and never post anything about it so it’s hard to make a fair comparison.

Could you post a video about your noise . sounds like maybe your table is racked a little bit and it’s binding?

And welcome to the forums by the way.

This is also a good place to sell your machine if you choose to.


first welcome to the forums…we are going to try and help you through the frustration…and be on your way to happy cutting…
so bear with me while we go through some questions…and trouble shooting.

Loud noises are a sign of the bearings being too tight and the table not square.

  • is this the 2x2 or Pro table you are running?
  • do you have torch height control (THC)…that is the X axis…up and down on the torch?
  • what plasma machine are you using?

I will get some more information on the bearings in just a second

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I know you’re right about the forums. Im just so frustrated!

I uninstalled, and reinstalled the program and now am not getting that noise. My X axis only works when manually click the +x or -x buttons, and gets stuck at the ends closest to the computer. Really not sure what is wrong here. Im afraid to try anything with a torch even on at this point, i’ll just waste product.

The table is def not square. Bolts on the legs are tight, yet they still tend to move if I touch the table. It will fall if I push the table anywhere, I have to slightly lift it with another person. Not sure how to fix that either.

We will try to get you figured out.

It definitely can be very frustrating, I wouldn’t settle into buyer’s remorse just yet though.

What area are you in there might be a member close by that can help you in person too.

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Yes, it is a 2x2 table, but we bought a bunch of upgrades. I have the THC upgrade part but have not put it on, working with the standard THC I guess? I have the Razorweld Cut 45

You’re going to have to backtrack.

Setting up that table is a lot easier with two people. do you have somebody that can come help you?

Square, plum, straight. These are all things that have to be observed really closely or you going to have issues forever

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That would be amazing. I would have hired someone if I knew!

Just my husband and I, and we got this far.

I’ve reached out to friends, and the only guy I know that does plasma is knee deep at work and can’t come out. Im in Surprise Arizona.

I changed the title of your topic to hopefully alert someone in your area quicker.

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OK…2x2 table changes a bit on how I was going to get this solved…
THC is the motor driven part that goes up and down and attaches to the arm…standard torch holder is adjusted by hand.

forget about diagonal for now…let us start with the basics.
keep this in mind… X-axis allows movement “left” and “right” Y-axis allows movement “forward” and “backward

Need you to check the tightness of the little couplers that go between the motors and the drive screw…make sure they are tight…and if you can put a piece of tape or a mark in the motor shaft and the drive screw for each motor…I ask you to do this so if there is slippage on the motors to the drive shaft you will see it.

Now try to move move the arm on your table on the Y axis.
check the couplers.
if you can do that then try the X axis only going left to right…does it work?

wow…do not try movements until the table is stable and on a level surface and tight and square


The motor screws I cannot reach because they are connected in the big rectangular arm that holds the plasma gun. It did look a bit loose, and I have rigged it closer to the arm. Very small gap, but maybe that’s a problem.

The X and Y axis move when I use the manual buttons on the FireControl program.

can you post some pictures of your table please…
I think you have some assembly issues we need to address before we start with trouble shooting problems

you post pictures by putting them on your computer and using the little box with the up arrow in the message box


Sorry friend give me a minute. Now I’m having a problem with actually getting the picture to load on the forum. The files on my phone are heic I guess, and I’m trying to convert it to something else.

Only lets me do one picture per post…

This is on the opposite side of the computer for the CNC,

You need to go back and reference assembly table manual and start over. Not trying to be an ass but table is not assembled right, legs are way out of wack and pieces appear to be in wrong locations from pics??

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