Mechanical drawing type of cad

Is there a inexpensive or dare I say free program that would allow me to cut accurate shapes with holes for building projects, Im some what lost on this end of cnc . I have sheetcam ,I’ve downloaded Inkscape . I just haven’t found the accuracy in Inkscape to do what I want. I would like somthing that works with actual dimensions. I just got my crossfire set up with thc and extended table . So I’m kinda ready to cut

You can download fusion 360 and use it for free as a hobbiest. Some limitations apply. But it will get you started. use the search feature in the upper right for fusion 360.

FreeCad will probably do all you want and it is truly free. They have an Architectural ‘workbench’, I believe.

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I use FreeCAD for all of my 2D and 3D modeling. It is very powerful for free software, but not any easier to learn than any other constraint based sketch modeling. There are a few Youtube channels with FreeCAD tutorials that helped me to understand the concept.

If you just want to do shapes with accurate hole placement, Sheetcam has a library of shapes that you can just input values for the sizes and holes.


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I think Fusion 360 is the best choice by far.

It does have a bit of a learning curve but it’s worth the investment of your time.

I try to do as much CAD work and CAM work as possible in the fusion 360 workspace without using any third party software.

I’ve made a small series of basic Fusion 360 tutorial videos which you can access by clicking my avatar, the link should be right there. Check them out they’re only 5 minutes long a piece and it should give you good idea of what you can expect.

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Qcad costs a few bucks but its really easy to use

True and a useful solution if all you want is 2D.

trust me…don’t even look at Confusion 360!

Confusion 360 is a very capable CAD program but it is one Billion % more than you need to design & cut anything you will ever cut on your table…

Confusion 360 is internet based so you are dependent on your internet connection

we bought QCad and Sheetcam… best $ we ever spent… there is a learning curve as with any software but after struggling with Fusion, Mach 3, the table itself, our air supply, our internet, our computer, etc,etc went with Qcad, sheetcam and FireControl w/THC and now can design, post process and cut more or less painlessly… still learning but can get parts cut…

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This is true. However, if OP is anything like the rest of us, then he has multiple needs, not just 2D Plasma Cutting. And, to my mind (and being a recent convert), if you’re doing anything in 3D, multipart assemblies, Fusion 360 is the best choice in the selection of affordable CAD programs.

True, a decent Internet connection is important, but I get by with my 19th Century Link DSL line… I use the load time to refill my coffee cup :slightly_smiling_face:

nanocad, freecad, librecad, theres all sorts of free 2D cad programs. very few 3D or parametric modeling programs for free.

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I prefer fusion 360 over any other cad or cam software ive ever used.

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