Measurements under table

what is the distance between the bottom of the water pan and the floor and also the distance between the floor and the horizontal bars near the bottom of the legs. @langmuirsystems


anyone? trying to see if my water storage tank will fit under table as well as my lift will roll under the lower horizontal braces. @langmuirsystems

I’m trying to figure out the same thing. Looking at the numbers they have out so far the floor to top of water table is 3.0’. The water table is 3.4" deep. That tells you close to what size you can have under it but not what size will slide under the table once assembled. The frame looks to drop lower than the bottom of the water table.

yea im with you… i can figure a rough estimate but i dont know what they have under there supporting the water trays. i built an air operated water table on my current setup that works amazing using a 55 gallon plastic drum. id really like to do the same on this table. just trying to see if the 55 gallon drums are gonna work or if i need to find/fabricate something else to store the water…

Just remember that the table holds 65 gallons so you will be 10 G shy of an empty table if you only use one drum.

yea i know. im already planning on 2 drums if they will fit…