Meaning of Gcode H0, M3, M4, M5

I am trying to troubleshoot some gcode. I need to understand what H0, M3, M4, M5 mean to the Crossfire and Firecontrol. Is there any resource that lists what these codes mean specific to Crossfire? I have found some generic stuff but nothing specific. Thanks.

H1/H0 toggles on (1) and off (0) THC control of the Z Axis.
M3/M5 turns the Plasma Torch on (3) and off (5).

I don’t think any of our posts utilize M4.


Thank you very much!

Welcome to the Neighbor Hood @mbparks! Some are machine specific but most are universal. HAAS codes are the closest that I have found. CrossFire doesn’t use that many different ones.

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Thanks @genesibley!