Maximum Material Height?

On a Crossfire with Water Table what is the maximum material height? BTW, I haven’t purchased the Crossfire yet, otherwise I’d simply measure the dimension…

I know the plasma tool height is adjustable, but I don’t know what the Z range is. I’m looking to cut one face of an angle iron (slots, etc) so thought I could position the workpiece with the side to be cut facing upward, parallel to the table plane, and the orthogonal edge facing downward, perpendicular to the table plane. I’m sure it would work if the orthogonal edge was parallel to the slats and hung below the top edge of the slats, but I’m looking at other possible configurations as well so knowing the maximum dimension would be very useful.
Thanks in advance.

About 4". But cutting angle iron, you could put that edge on the bottom of the water table and your cut surface could be about 6 inches above

I have thought about cutting angle iron and /or square tubing. I believe you could eliminate the water table and the slats altogether and put you stock right on the cross members. With my set up right now I could only get about 2" height.

If I took the water table out and just used the cross members it looks like I could get a little more then 4".

Thanks for the response. However, in the photo you’ve included, it appears as if the Tool holder could be raised even higher. Is that just the perspective of the photo or some other limiting factor I’m not aware of?

Good points on gaining space by removing the water table altogether, but my impression is that would be only something you would do for long runs rather than a couple of pieces. Again, my lack of intimate knowledge of the machine is telling me it’s getting near time to buy! :grinning:

The tool holder is all the way up, the way it is built it will not go higher without modifications. I did raise it all the way to take the photo for you.
The water table is only held down by 6 or 8 screws with rubber washers, yes it would be a bit of a chore for one piece or 2.

Just set the edge of the angle iron on the bottom of the water pan, leave the water in it… Keep taking them screws with the rubber washers in and out, and your gonna have leaks…

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Sort of what I was originally thinking. The fact that the workpiece is parallel to the slats shouldn’t hurt me in this case. I was primarily interested in the max height a workpiece could be. Sounds like 3" (as stated in the Crossfire specs) plus 2" if the workpiece is sitting at the bottom of the slats.

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