Max Height under Machine torch

Hi All,

Looking seriously at a Crossfire Pro purchase.
What is the maximum cutting height available under a machine torch on the Pro?
Application would be to lop off one side of a rectangular tube say .125 or .188 wall thickness to make it a U shaped tube. Could this be accomplished? 2" X 4" tube to make a 2" X sided 3.5" U shaped tube?

Thanks for any Input.

There is around 2" of space under the X axis tube, but the Z axis carriage extends a bit below the rail. You could use the table to cut taller Y axis tube mounting plates and have as much room as you want. Some people have cut plates that raise the Y axis rails by 1" to enable sheets to be loaded from the side, since the bearing block is slightly lower than the slats on the table.

You could also make shorter slats for the bed or remove them altogether, to get more room under the Z-axis carriage.

I would make some taller stanchion risers.

I think there’s a few dxf files of stanchion risers kicking around if you search the magnifying glass up above with the word " stanchion"

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I added 2 inch stanchion risers that were created by @TinWhisperer I believe. One note to cutting tubing. It’s been my experience cutting 14 gauge tubing in the manner your describing that there is a lot of stored energy so when you do cut it my u channel wanted to crawl and twist.