Masso cnc controller

We run a G3 touch on out Hardinge lathe, and it was a mistake for one major reason
G32 (really a lathe thing - threading synchronized with spindle) does NOT support tapered threads. That info is buried in the instruction for G32! That really kills us, as we really need to do 3/4 NPT

BTW - to keep it on topic - our work around is to put out part in the MR-1, and thread mill it - 7 minutes of production we really don’t need

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Anyone know if the MR-1 touch screen will work with the masso controller? If so that would cut the cost down a little to $900. I have one coming this week with the OneFinity Elite I bought…maybe I will hook it up to the touch screen and see!

It would be nice to run the same software/hardware on all my machines

Masso Link. G3 has wifi.

The G3 uses VGA so any monitor with HDMI should work with a converter…or an old VGA.

Masso is very specific on the touchscreen selection that function. This is one the main Masso cons. Video will work fine, the touchscreen portion probably won’t work. See list here

Thank holla2040. Yes, I knew that they were pretty specific. I got mine Masso last week, I will give it a try and report back.

Good luck. I have a wood router, knee mill and lathe with Masso controllers. They work great.