Massive errors in cut path, jumps to random spot to cut? Dry run program is fine?

I’m hoping someone else has ran into this issue. I’ve wasted a half sheet of 16ga trying to figure this out.

I design my parts in Solidworks, export the DXF, program it in Fusion 360 (paid subscription). I’ll export and dry run the program. Everything runs fine, I’ve cut hundreds of parts on my Crossfire XL with no issues until now. I’ll start the program with the plasma on (Hypertherm 65) with fresh consumable and dry air. The program will run fine at first, then jump to a random spot in the sheet (within the programmed cutting area) and pierce and run the rest of the program OUTSIDE the programmed path. Again, the dry run of the program is fine. Something is wrong with the output of Mach3 I think. I’ll post pics of the results.

Has anyone else had this problem? It is very frustrating to dry run my parts then have this problem once the plasma is running.

Should I ditch Mach3 and Fusion 360 for FireControl? It seems Langmuir doesn’t have much support for Mach3 and Fusion 360 these days.

Thanks in advance!

It sure does looks like coupler slip.

Is the actual cut running at a faster speed then the dry run?

You believe your issue is software related?

Fire control is working awesome for me ( 20.6) it is a great program. You would be happy to upgrade.

Fusion 360 CAD CAM is an amazing piece of software. If you are looking for more support the Autodesk Fusion 360 forum can be a great resource.

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Mach3 can only be used with the original CrossFire table. If you’re wanting to ditch Mach3 you’ll have to purchase the THC upgrade kit which comes with a new control box. It is then that you would then be able to use Firecontrol.

Probably not because that is not their software.

I found the issue. I use a macbook pro (2015ish) running windows on its own partition. I think the drivers updated and created this issue. It’s only when the torch is firing, it happened 4 times in a row. It’s some type of issue with the software running on that particular laptop. I used my CAD laptop to run Fusion 360 and Mach3, no issues. It actually cut MUCH better too, less dross. It looks like I’ll be selling this macbook pro and buying a new laptop for the plasma. Thanks for the help TinWhisperer and stinker337! Maybe I’ll grab that THC upgrade after all.

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