Maryland Newb (Mount Airy)

Greetings Langmuir Family. Been slowly getting my XR together for my small fab shop. I’ve hit few hiccups with a bad ballnut and then a bad ball screw, now somethings happening with my X axis motor…however, not complaining. Cameron at Langmuir has been incredible about helping me through these speed bumps. Can’t thank Cameron enough. He’s a fantastic trouble shooter via the phone and emails. Should be able to make my first test cut once I have the X axis motor issue resolved. Looks like the forum is a great place to hang out and gain some really good knowledge from some of you seasoned Plasma Cutting vets.


Welcome. You hang around some of use long enough you may need professional help for sure.:rofl::rofl:

Thanks, Phil. Seems likes there plenty to learn for sure.

There is a wealthy of knowledge here. Most are eager to help.

Welcome aboard!! There is a wealth of information here. Clicking on the magnifying glass at top of page will.let your search posts to possibky find answers to various questions you may have.


Welcome aboard. Fellow marylander here. A lot of wealth of information floating around the forum. Any question, feel free to ask.

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Thank you, Dobber. Good Tip. :+1:

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