Mapping issues...all of a sudden

So I am making a memorial sign for my great uncle who recently passed away. I have it all designed just fine. When I went to start the cut plotting process I ran into big problems. This seemed to happen after the Fusion program updated. I’ve noticed the appearance of Fusion is different now. When I go to select the letters to be cut, I can’t change the sideways compensation anymore. It gives me the option, but doesn’t actually make any effect. Then my lead in’s are way different than my lead outs…even if I have them selected to be the same. Basically, I feel like I don’t know anything about Fusion, when I’ve cut out probably 20 projects so far. Anyone else having issues?

Just curious if you go back and look at one of your previous projects… Are they all the same or showing differently now too?

Were you possibly only part way through the process of creating your toolpaths and then the update came into effect? Maybe a “do-over” then??

I’ve had no issues with F360 and updates… So far anyways… :wink: