Manually Cut with XR and fire control

When making Manually cut do you need to set the cut heigh manually? also can you slow it down below 10 ipm trying to do 1/2" mild steel and need to cut around 8 ipm

The straight line cut utility automatically sets the pierce height and cut height at .15" and .06". There is no way to input different values.

You should be able to input whatever pierce delay and speed you want, although I’ve never tried to input a speed that low.

can you walk me through the steeps of doing this I am lost
I thought that you start the cut off the material how does it know the cut height
if start it on the material how do you cut the sheet in have do you go the negative direction then the positive direction.
I will let you know about slowing it down below 10 ipm

“I thought that you start the cut off the material how does it know the cut height”

If you have an XR then it has a Z axis. It figures out the top of the material using the IHS or initial height sensing. That is what it’s doing before the torch fires when it goes down to the material and then back up prior to the pierce cut. Here is a good video for a Firecontrol overview which you may want to watch. They talk about the straight cut module at 3:25. FireControl: Overview - YouTube

If you want to start off the material, make sure the torch nozzle still hits the metal when it touches down. It just needs to be the edge of the nozzle, so the Torch gets pushed up when it hits the metal.

or turn of IHS/THC, on thick material like this that’s a good option

I think Cameron talked us through that one time. I need to test if it works but we had a discussion on dialing in the ideal cut height and that was his suggestion . Jog the Z to desired cut height and using shims or feeler gauges. I don’t remember turning THC off. Yes when its on it will touch off and set its height so likely turn THC off , do a straight line cut and evaluate the cut . Play with height speeds etc dial it in then use those parameters if you want to dial in your operations or just use make a shim to set height for future precision straight line cuts. I honestly don’t remember if it pierces at that preset height with it set like this, or if edge cutting is needed to help preserve your tip internals or cartridge.