Manually creating the work zero

Is there a way to change your work zero in Firecontrol? Do you do it in Fusion360? I.m just starting out and want to make sure I’n not wasting material by cutting in the middle of a sheet. TRhanks for the help.

Yes you can reposition your origin with the set origin button in FireControl.

When creating a work setup in Fusion 360 you have to place a stock box point (origin) but you can change its location in fire control with the set origin button.

@surreal73 welcome community and yes save all the material you can.


Jog the Torch to the spot where you want your zero and hit the “zero all axis” button in Firecontrol. You can then jog the Torch around your design to make sure it fits in the spot and adjust your zero as necessary.


Thanks you!

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Thank you!