Makita's 3.0 HP Air Compressor 110v or Husky 60 Gal. Single stage stationary 230v for Hypertherm 45xp

I in the process of wiring my shop for 230v, and get my table going. I have a Hypertherm 45xp and I debating which compressor to go with. Makita’s 3.0 HP Air Compressor makes a small 3.0 HP Air Compressor that runs off 110v that says it puts out 6.5 CFM at 90 which should work. Or might go with a bigger stationary Husky that would out out plenty of air, but I bit more money and takes up space in a small shop. Anyone use the Makita? It would be nice to save a little money and space, but I’m going through all the work of wiring anyway…any thoughts?

At 90 psi the 45XP requires ~6.8 CFM. At best the Makita will be struggling to keep up. I also will be running a 45XP and so I spec’d a compressor with an output @90 psi > 1.5x the requirements of the Hypertherm at the same pressure.

Thanks - I will probably go with the bigger unit, the extra space would be nice, but going through all the expense and time to set up probably go with + capacity. Although I’m still curious to hear if anyone is using the Makita. As i’m spending money on all these, my septic tank decided to give me issues after 16 years, so waiting on the bid for that

I’d like to know how they get 3HP on a 120V 15A circuit! 3HP should draw about 23A at 120V.

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I understand the septic issue. I was going to buy a hypertherm plasma but get a Jeep transmition instead!

I have used that Makita for years cutting manually with my Versacut 40 with zero problems. The issue is the small tank. It will drain and run constantly to keep up with the plasma’s needs and will exceed duty cycle cutting programs on a table. The upside is that it is the most pleasant sounding compressor I have owned. Not the quietest, but all the sound is down low and easy on the nerves. I presently have it plumbed in tandem with a 30 gallon 175psi Husky and one or the other is usually running after the first few loops. Starting anew, I would take a look at the 3hp 60 gallon that Northern Tools sells. Actually, I did start anew and one is in my ranch shop. Great warranty and lots of US made parts.

jemejia is not lying… i have that compressor (the one with the hand cart and small storage box on top) it will run constantly with the cnc table. its really made for construction site work. it is a good unit though ive owned it for a couple years with no issues. just recently got a kobalt 80 gallon because i had the room. you can get 10 percent off coupons on ebay for lowes

Thanks for the info and feedback. I ended up picking up a used Rigid 4.5 gallon portable on craigslist for $85.00, that says it puts out 4.9 SCFM. So far for the small cuts I’ve been doing, and learning/experimenting its worked fine, it kicks on after 10 seconds of cutting or so, but no issues yet. I talked to someone who had also connected two smaller compressors, with check valves going into a tee and said it worked well (noisy). I will probably pick up a 60 gallon stationary at home depot or lowes in the next 30 days, right now planning on home depot, just because I like their customer service better the lowes, mostly. Or if my small compressor set up continues to work for now, maybe I will save up a few more dollars and get an 80 gallon from somewhere.

Anyone have an opinion of lowes vs home depot? I’ve also seen some good reviews of the 80 gallon at harbor freight as well.

The Kobalt stationary compressors at Lowe’s have 3 years on warranty versus 2 on the Husky that HD sells, if that’s important to you.

I got a good deal on my Dewalt 60Gal at Tractor Supply if you have one nearby. I think it was $549 on sale.

I have a Hyperthern 45 XP and a HD Husky Pro compressor with a 3.2 hp motor, and output of 10.2 SCHM. The Hypertherm needs a minimum of 85 psi even when the compressor is restarting. I mounted an air pressure gauge at the input of the 45 xp as recommended by Jim Colt and I see a lowest pressure of 90 psi then the compressor starts to refill the tank. That was after adjusting the pressure switch to turn on at 120 psi. Normal input pressure at the plasma cutter is 120 psi. I have been cutting some 3/8" and 1/2 " plate recently and that works the plasma cutter hard. After a 30 amp cutter i really love the 45 XP! It’s strong and cuts very well. If you are using a different cutter your air supply needs may be less.
Bottom line: get at least a 60 gal 230 volt compressor at minimum and a 3 hp with more SCFM if possible.
I plan to build a silencing cover for my compressor to reduce the noise when it’s running.

Thanks - I will probably pick up that same compressor sometime in the next 30 days as my tool budget is replenished. Although for the cutting I’ve been doing the small rigid 4.5 horse has been keeping up, found on craigs list for $85, but I look forward to a real compressor soon. The XP45 has been cutting great for me as well.