Making updated settings chart for the CUT60

so I took the cut chart from primeweld and some advice I’ve seen from @mechanic416 and made an updated chart.


Commenting to follow. :grinning:

Your chart looks great. Are you using Fusion or sheetcam? Started out using Fusion in the begining, had a few problems and switched over to sheetcam.

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I use sheetcam

it’s this chart with a couple tweaks because I didn’t have any 2/5" material on hand


Not to hijack, but what problems were you having that sheetcam resolved? I only ask because I’m having some problems, and have zero experience with sheetcam.

Currently I cant edit my tools, when you go to edit kerf or for me any tool data the" accept" button is grayed out when you move the cursor over the message shows the cut height data is invalid.

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reinstall it. just be sure to backup settings and tools

Fusion is where I can’t edit tools or we you talking about sheetcam?

check the tab above highlighted in red.

fill out the information earnestly even through i do not believe it informs the post processor …yet.

once filled it

will become active