Making Knife with crossfire

Just wongering if anyone had any advise/info on this. I just want to make a few different ones for myself. Thanks in advance, Jim

Made a set of 3 throwing knives for a buddy who’s into hatchet and axe throwing… I just used 3/16" hot rolled… The deal was, I’d cut them and, he’d sharpen them how he wants… I dont have the equipment to sharpen them… Not to mention the HRS I used doesn’t have a high enough carbon content to harden enough for a proper knife… But, for throwing into an end cut of a log, they worked out great… I think they came out to around 9"-10" long… Throwing Knife v5.dxf (858.9 KB)


I wanted to make a few throwing tomahawks for an event we were hosting. I cut two test pieces out of 10 guage HR mild steel and then two out of 1075 that I had the intention of heat treating. The mild steel pieces were super fun to throw and worked so well that I cut 10 more. They get a little dinged up but only take a minute to re-dress. I’ve had three different people ask if I’d make them a set.


Very cool, did you make a 550 cord handle or anything or leave it the way it is?

I left the handles plain. I cut holes in the handle thinking I might add scales but paracord would be easy and look pretty cool. These are getting so much use that I don’t think it would be worth the effort to make them really nice just to get beat up. But I like the paracord idea and just might do that to the ones I cut out of 1075 and keep them for personal use. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Those look great!! I think I’d like to make a set or two and let the bags game take a rest!! LOL :wink:

This is my process:
Sign up at
Design my knife
Export my design as a png
Import into Fusion360 as a canvas
Trace using the spline tool slightly oversized.
Cut it out.
Grind to final shape and build knife.