Making a new tool in sheetcam, what not to do.. humor

Making a new tool in SheetCam Is pretty straight forward and easy…
Check the values before clicking okay… This is what it looks like when you set the speed to 7 inches per minute…


holy cow dude…7 ipm…I always wondered what a total ooops would look like…thanks.

Truly appreciate the honesty and the ability to have some humor in it…

we grow with experience …but learn from mistakes…

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You sure dropped the F Bomb there ! Live and learn is how most here do it.

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Well shoot, with how slow you razorweld guys cut I’m surprised no one is trying to cut 1/8 inch at 1 amp 2ipm

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wait, will that work?

You’d have better luck chewing through it.

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Meh, overnight in the vinegar and a quick hit with the wire cup… Ready for powder. Ship it.

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Golly! It even wrote the F mirrored!