Major Power Supply problems!

I am having issues with the power supply . I have gone through 3 and this last one grounded to the case burnt , melted , and nearly caught fire ! … We think the plasma is sending a ground to the power supply causing it to burn up . So I can move the torch around the XY Axis however when I start my cut paths the power supply trips my GFI . HAs anyone had an issue like this ? I am going to open up the plasma and check it out tonight … Is there a way to retrofit my Miller PLasma to work with my Crossfire 2x2 with the RazerWeld Cut 48.

Well, my power supply case IS grounded to the Crossfire table and also to electrical ground and I have no issues. BTW I am not using a GFCI on this machine. Not sure if this info will help point you in a useful direction.

No , That isnt what I am looking for , I have an issue when the plasma tries to strike its arc . It either blows my GFI or the Power Supply nearly catches fire !


Plasma cutters and welders should not be on a GFIC.

Sounds like you have a dead short to ground some were in your wiring. You need to go over every wire and connector and find it.