Mainer just purchased an XP

Bit the bullet and ordered the XP this morning. I was a little hesitant about ordering the CNC since Languir was bought out back in January. Crossing my fingers on this purchase.

Not sure I follow? Should this be XR? and who is Mainer?

Welcome to the forum! Where are you in Maine? I have a place in Belfast where we spend our Summer months.

Congratulations that must be the best damn operating system that ever has come out for computing.

@TritonSS congratulations on your purchase of the XR. just kidding around. welcome to the forum! :raised_hands:


Yeah, It’s an XR. Didn’t correct that. “Mainer” is native to Maine.

Winthrop, just outside of Augusta.

Boy you got THAT right!!!

That was before MS realized there was an Internet… It all went downhill after they started putting out their own browser with Windows specific hooks that Hackers soon realized were pathways to steal your machine!


You’re a little over an hour away from us, so if you need help after June 20th, let me know.


Thanks! :+1:

So looks like I can download some of the software and start getting acclimated. It’s been years since I’ve done CAD and such but I can pick things up pretty quickly. Any suggestions to get started? Thanx!

Keep it simple and expectations low. A CNC Plasma cutter is a 2D machine. Don’t get carried away with 3D initially. Do basic designs, cut until you can reproduce them reliably and then learn and move up.


The alternative approach would be;

assume you know everything, heavily modify the equipment while you’re assembling it ,don’t read anything at all about the assembly and operation, ask rhetorical questions in the Forum and ignore all the answers, expect the Moon and then cry a Big River of tears when it doesn’t work out to your unrealistic expectations, then blame this equipment and software for all the shortcomings.

Thousands of Facebook users agreed that this is the correct approach. I am not sure what @TomWS is talking about.


LMAO! You’re on a roll today. :laughing:


Don’t encourage him… :grimacing: