Magnet clamp works great

I using a everlast 62i.


I use the same type, except without the handle. When you have a work piece too small, just lay another piece of steel on the slats and set the magnet there. It will still give you an adequate connection to your work piece.

Man, you must really trust those wall brackets to sit in a chair underneath that shelf :grin:

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Have you ever watch the arc jump? I use that same method as well on pieces I can’t get the magnet fully on. I’ve cut 3/8" plate that barely fit the work piece so I spanned the gap with a piece of metal. When it does happen, it’s usually only on the pierce.

I’ve been thinking about getting an Alligator Clamp and some Copper Ground Strap to make a flexible jumper to help deal with those odd pieces.

Haven’t seen an arc jump yet. My welder and tig have magnet setups with clamping available. I’m interested in your ideas let me how they work.

The brackets are sturdy enough to hold my ex-wife. :rofl:


I use one of these