Machine torch vs hand torch?

I bought one of these tables and now I’m plasma shopping. I have an older Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 39 right now that I’ll probably use to set it up but I’m looking at buying a Hypertherm 65 and wanting to know if there is any advantage to a machine torch vs a hand torch? It’s about $400 more to get a Machine torch over a hand torch and just wanted to see if there is something I’m missing that would make it any better on a table like this. The most I am really looking to do with this table is cut out 1/2 ms header flanges for my turbo kit.

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A machine torch is easier to set up square then a hand torch. But you can’t use it very well if you need the plasma cutter to do other cutting.

With the Hypertherm systems: 1. A machine torch is easier to mount and keep perpendicular to the workpiece. When you order a Hypertherm with a machine torch the power supply will be equipped with a CPC interface port on the power supply. Interfacing with this setup does not require hacking into the internal wiring on the plasma cutter, and potentially creating warranty issues if not done correctly. 2. The hand torch, for safety reasons, is only allowed to fire via the trigger switch…for cutting with the torch in your hand. If you choose to use the hand torch as a machine torch you will have to modify the wiring for the start signal. 3. There are system configurations from Hypertherm that come with both a hand torch and a machine torch. The idea is to leave the machine torch mounted on your cnc machine. Unplug the machine torch from the plasma power supply, plug in the hand torch and you are ready for hand cutting. When the hand torch is plugged in the ability to fire from the Langmuir is defeated for safety reasons (you don’t want the torch to fire in your hand unexpectedly). These system configurations are discounted with the two torches…so you are in effect getting one of the torches at less than 1/2 price. Jim Colt


You can get the Powermax 65 different ways, with hand torch, with machine torch, with both hand and machine torch , with a hand torch and a 15* gouging torch and up to 50’ long if you wish.

Jim, is the 65 machine torch a larger body than the 45?
1-3/8"~ or is the 65 machine supplied with the 1-3/4" bodied torch?

Thanks, Steve.

I build and sell machine torch mounts specifically for the LS tables. Let me know if you purchase a new torch and would like details on the mount.

Thanks, Steve.

It’s a very nice mount :slightly_smiling_face: I’m printing up (3D) a mount to sit on the bottom mount so I can install my laser lines. Probably next week the way my time escapes my control :wink:

Steve’s mount shipped fast and was ready to slip on the Crossfire mount’s vertical section (using the original mounting screw from the LS V-block). Fit was spot on.


Very cool with the laser Jim! Thank you for the kind words sir.


Powermax45XP through 105 all use the same 1-3/8" machine torch mounting diameter.

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Thank you Jim, appreciate the speedy reply.

So there is no improved cut quality or other benefit? My machine cuts pretty good with the hand torch, and I have connected the start signal to the controller. So no real advantage to purchasing a machine torch?


I have a RazorWeld CUT 45 and the only way I could get more than one size of consumables was to get a machine torch from Mechanic416. That was a big advantage for me.