Machine torch mount loose

I almost bought the MK3 the day or two before I saw the release on Instagram I’m glad I was following their Channel so I preordered 20 minutes after the initial released.
Glad I waited there’s another machine that caught my interest that does carbon fiber embedded nylon well it’s like a 3D printer built into a toaster oven.
I’ll see if I can find the link and post it up.

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I think I’ll stick with my $200 Ender 3 pro for now.


A little trick I learned is that you can always peen the backside of the torch holder in a couple spots about an 1/8" from the edge. Dont get heavy handed with the peens as it will move the metal quickly. Once you know how much to give it, check the fit till your satisfied. Use at your discretion

I did contact Langmuir about the play in the torch holder. They said that was not not al and sent a new z slide. There is the same amount of play in the replacement so for now it’s just a spare part.

So I ended up making a torch strap out of 1/4. Same profile as the langmuir strap, worked like a charm. It’s solid for now.

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