Machine torch head installation

I know I’m gonna get the FNG answer, but here goes: I ordered the Langmuir machine torch dingus-end assembly with my Razorweld 45. The instructions are all for the hand-held torch and the wiring for the trigger switch firing bypass. Am I correct to assume that I can simply connect the Machine torch to the Razorweld45, and do not need to do any extra wiring as I would need to do for the hand-held torch?

That’s the setup I have, if you ordered it all from Langmuir, all you have to do is plug in the torch and torch fire/THC cables into the front of the cutter and you are good to go.

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Bill, fantastic! Thank you very much!

Hmmmm… Someone else knows AvE ???


You know it! Uncle Bumblefrig has rubbed off on me… so to speak