Machine torch / Hand torch usage with CrossFire Pro

I have a CrossFire Pro using a Hypertherm 45XP.
I have a machine torch mounted on the CrossFire Pro.
I also have a Hand Torch available to plug into the 45XP for manual cuts.

Can I “safely” plug in the Hand Torch, lay a piece of metal/stock “on the CrossFire Pro table” and perform a “Manual cut” using the Hand Torch?
I already KNOW it will “make the cut” but is there ANY issues with grounding/feedback damage to the CrossFire Pro electronics?

Will or CAN it harm any other electronics?


I have a similar setup and I do the exact same thing, I use my hand torch to buck up skeletons or the rare time to complete on the water table.

Can it yes, there is very small chance but any time you have a giant open arc there is risk to electronics. But all electronics suffer this risk in a welding shop. Hypertherm products are very well built with and produce and absorb less interference then most available machines.


Got it, thanks!