Machine Torch for Crossfire Pro

I have a Crossfire Pro with THC. Wondering what would be the best machine torch to run on it. I have a Razorweld X45 cutter.

This one should work for you

werent these like $299 a few months ago?

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Thanks for the info. I will check them out. New to the game. Just made my first cuts this past weekend. came out nice with the setup I have but I don’t like how the hand torch hangs down and drags across the material. Afraid its gonna get hung-up.

Don’t know what the price was on these. I guess the seller upped the price.

So. I got the new torch that was mentioned above. Air comes on but no arc. Called the seller and did a continuity test that checked out ok. Seller stated that it should be working if it tested ok. Its only using pins 1 and 9. any suggestions ? Its not the plasma cutter. I can put the original hand torch on and it works fine.

What consumables are you using?
I had a batch of knockoff consumables that I got from a local guy in a pinch, turned out the tip was .025" shorter than OEM. Tore my whole torch apart trying to find out why it wasn’t arcing but my original hand torch was…

Not exactly sure. new to all this. it came with one set of consumables already installed. I assumed from the product description that they were hypertherm.

Pins 1 and 9 are the pilot arc pins. If its not firing then you have the plasma cutter hooked up wrong to the table controller. The consumables are copy,s they are not Hypertherm.

Thanks. Not sure how it could be hooked up wrong. When I swap over to the hand torch it works just fine.

Then the odds are you have a bad torch, contact the seller.

Thanks. So far that’s not going very well.

No surprise there.

Don’t ask me how I know, but if the swirl ring happens to fall off after you remove your torch stack and roll under your welding cart without you noticing, the torch might not fire. (Happened with my hand torch first time I changed consumables.)

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Yep, with out the swirl ring it won’t fire the pilot arc.

By the way, George, I have only done that once!

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I’m new to this forum, waiting for my crossfire pro. Just wondering if you got torch working , I bought a x45 hand torch from plasmadyn and it did not fire would blow air. I slid collar back from pin housing and found a wire come off pin connection hooked back up and has ben working great ever since.

Why can’t we buy a Razor 45 machine torch new from Langmuir or Razor (Jasic)?

JASIC Technologies America Inc 25503

How is the return going?

I want to switch to a machine torch but not wanting to buy from a bad seller

I like the idea of a straight machine torch for my CNC rather than a clamped, angled hand torch and I’m sure I’m not in the minority. Too bad that’s not an option straight through Langmuir yet.
If the linked torch had a better record it might be a great option, but it sounds a bit buggy to depend on at the moment.
On the other hand, I guess having a hand torch around ain’t a bad option in case a guy wanted to switch over to it from the CNC to do a bit of hand cutting. I can see that happening from time to time. So maybe the ideal (if you only have the one plasma) is to get a straight machine torch separately so you have both.