Machine throwing code

I have set up my Crossfire 4x8 table wired everything up followed directions on the screen. I followed the instructions to get machine to go to home starting point and get square but when I do it hits the limit switches and an alarm sounds that it cannot square and it hits the limits switches. I have tried to adjust the limit switches and it keeps happening. Has anyone ever had this problem and how did you fix it. thanks

Turn off the dam things. They are not required to cut anything on that table. You will thank me later. Go to the FireControl setting and turn them off. Really


check to make sure you have the correct wire going to the correct switches. I home mine some times but not a lot. Not sure I would miss them if I did not have them.

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Honestly, if you click on the magnifying glass at the top and type in CrossFire Pro limit switches, if you start reading now, you will still read until late tonight.
Disable them. Zero your torch at the front corner. Hit the Zero button and start cutting metal.

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is that to me? I work off the back left corner not sure why

No, I was giving my options to THECROW.


You make me laugh every time “limit switch issues” come up! :rofl:

If this is at the beginning of setting up the machine you may need to reset FireControl. Close it. Restart it and it will recognize the limit switches. If this doesn’t work, you may have the wires switched.

Honestly, Dustin (@THECROW) BigDaddy is right on, as usual. The limit switches do throw a lot of alarms that will confuse you. I have had my table for 2 years or more and limit switches for the last year. I definitely agree to turn off the “soft limits” for sure.

If you insist on using the limit switches,

  1. clear the alarm.
  2. Then hit “Home” to home the machine
  3. Pick the sketch origin by selecting “Set Program Origin” that you wish to orient your sketch (bottom left or right, top left or right)
  4. Now move the torch wherever you want the torch to signify that same corner of your sketch (bottom left or right, top left or right)
  5. Zero all axes
  6. Ready to cut

Edit: This is an older advisement from Langmuir and still may be pertinent:

One last note on limit switches: If you turn off the power to the enclosure box, the stepper motors will turn off and relax. You can then turn the lead screws by hand to get the limit switch to turn off manually.


My version of firecontrol does not say set program origin

Maybe they have changed that. I will have to change my slides!
That’s why I don’t do videos…what a nightmare that would be.

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Maybe a different interface for the XR?

Knick… does the XR have an auto square feature? If so, does it use input from the limit switches for the auto square?

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Im not sure if its called auto square or not. It does have 2 limit switches on the Y and one on the X. So I would say yes.

I use it mostly when the gantry is all the way to the front and I want to load a full sheet, I just hit home and than I can walk away.

When you select machine home and hit home, the machine will square off limit switches. Nice to have if torch runs into tip up and racks the gantry out of square with right/left y axis.


If it doesn’t, something is wrong. It’s only necessary to use the “set program origin” function when you rotate a part or just want to change the origin for ease of lining up your part.

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I looked at that on my phone and miss read it. Sorry for my confusion! :confused:

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Thanks Bigdaddy 2166 I appreciate it greatly. I will do that just didnt know if it would effect anything if the are off.

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Thanks Jim for your advice I am gonna start at it again today

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