Machine placement

So I’m rearranging the shop a bit to get ready for the pro and I’m torn on where to place it. I have a " dirty room" and and a wall next to the roll up door as potential locations but both have there drawbacks. I don’t want to loose that much room in my smaller grinding area but the idea of closing up the area with a canvas tarp and keeping everything else clean is appealing. What are your thoughts?

I’m seriously thinking about making some type of enclosure around mine.I have purchased a metal dust collection unit from grizzly and want to limit the metal dust in my shop.Ive even thought about adding a room.I would go with the canvas idea.

Do you think 12x14 would be being enough to not need additional ventilation for non production cutting or am a asking for trouble. Right now there is just a small 10x8 louver vent to the exterior

If your goal is to keep the dust down to a minimum I would prepare for some form of exhaust or collection.I have a water pan now and I still have dust everywhere.

I have drop down welding blankets surrounding mine on three sides and a vent that ties in with my 1175CFM Dust Collection system (the vent is positioned high enough that sparks aren’t drawn into it :grimacing:

The blankets do a good job catching most of the sparks and dust.

If you have an alarm system in your shop with the magnetic sensors make sure you clean the metal dust off them at least every week. Plasma cutting, welding, grinding. ect. puts a lot of metal dust in the air, the magnets pick it up and cause false alarms.

Good point about the door sensor, not something I have at the moment but will have to deal with at some point probably. I do metal fab pretty exclusively so metal dust is not a big deal but I do want the white insulation to stay cleanish and not have the whole shop smokey while cutting.

It would fit better outside the grinding room but I like the idea of isolating it easily. Guess I could build a draw curtain and hood on the wall…

I like the idea of it being next to the door for ventilation and ease of material loading, I have a small forklift but it wont fit under the mezzanine.

Decisions decisions…