Machine is cutting in a reverse image

My cad and cam is all programed (in my mind) correctly. When i cut it the image is reversed. If i flip the part over it is correct but with the slag.

I am programming in the plane below

Post your f3d file so folks can take a look.

Export the fusion file to your PC and then post it here.

campfire.txt (280.6 KB)

Campfire v1.f3d (439.0 KB)

I don’t see anything wrong with the sketch and I ran your Gcode on my machine (dry run) without error and it cut in the proper orientation. Tag in @TinWhisperer

Just to confirm, you are getting a mirror image when you go to cut it out on your machine?

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It is cutting so the top side on the table becomes the backside of the sign. Once cut I flip the part over and it is correct

And you’ve done cutting on this machine before? So it’s not a case of the wires being swapped on the motor driver inside the electronics enclosure?

I’m up for my computer right now but when I get back I’ll see if it’s a work coordinate system error in the setup menu (same menu is the stock box point)

I just cut a cut ready file from Fireshare so I am confident it must have something to do with my table. I have cut on this table but everything so far must have been symmetrical so I didn’t notice.

Anyone familiar with the color code for the drivers? particularly the two wires that would flip the direction.

Standard Crossfire

You can just swap a pair of the stepper motor wires (A+ A- swap them) and it will reverse direction of the motor. Only do X axis though. If it’s a dual Y axis you’ll have to do both motors

I believe it’s a 2x2 crossfire with a torch height control kit.

Ok, thanks. But, in retrospect, I would manually exercise the table:
Goto 0,0
goto +x,0
goto +x,+y
goto 0,+y
goto 0,0

To find out which axis is messed up and fix it.

I don’t know Firecontrol, but any decent controller would enable manual commands to do this. OR if it’s really a stupid controller, it’s simple enough to manually write a small G-Code file to exercise the table.

Anyone who has a CNC system should know basic G-Code.

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Thank you for all of the help. I think i have it fixed. The Y axis was wired backwards. But with every solution comes another problem… I am losing cutting after about 30 seconds. Back to the forum for help.