Machine Died On Me

I was cutting a job and the computer crashed halfway through. It just went into a screen stating it was restarting due to an issue. The status light on the torch cover was still on. I shut down the control box and waited for the computer to restart and I restarted firecontrol. I switched on the control box and the red light on the switch lights up but the status light on the torch cover did not. I looked at firecontrol and it doesn’t show that the machine is turned on.

I shut everything down and disconnected power for awhile. Powered everything up and same problem. I disconnected everything from the control box and checked the axis connection with my multimeter. I’m getting 24 volts.

Does anyone know if the status cable is bad, will it cause the issues I’m getting. Also, any idea what the output voltage should be from the status plug and which pins to check on the cable to confirm it’s working or not.

Try a different USB port. I’ve not had this same issue in the XR, but other stuff tends to never work on certain USB ports, usually if I switch them it will reinstall driver and work again.

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Just to give an update. Spoke with Cameron at Langmuir and he is sending out a new power supply. From information I have gotten from others, it was narrowed down to the power supply or the ?circuit board? I think that’s what it was called. Cameron had me turn on the black box and turn the ball screw with my hand. If you get no resistance, bad power supply. My guess would be if the power supply was working, you wouldn’t be able to turn the lead screw without resistance and the issue would be a bad board.

I’ll update after I get the new power supply installed tomorrow.


You are correct, with power on you cannot turn ball screws by hand.


Got the power supply this morning and got it swapped out. The replacement was the same model as the one that died. My only CNC experience is on a $300,000 stone router for countertops and a $200,000 CNC saw. The saw was 5 axis and the router was 3 axis. I made the programs and operated both machines for my brothers granite business. Let’s just say I’m dealing with a big difference in component quality. I’ll be sourcing my own power supply so I have one on backup. The one they sent is junk. I understand that they have to source components that allow the machine to hit the price point it is at, I just wish I had opened the black box sooner and used the $30 I spent on shipping towards a nice power supply.

I’m happy with the support I received from Langmuir and Cameron. Plus, my machines up and running.

What was junk about the power supply? I use these same power supplies in other applications drawing way more current like 30 amps running at times 24/7 and have only had couple fail in the last 10 years.

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Really!? I drive a 2005 dodge 2500. It’s junk. I love it, and it has 270,000 miles. That 5.9 Cummins is as strong as ever. It will probably make it to a million miles, but it’s still junk.

Same goes for that power supply. It’s Chinese junk. I’m not the only one who has had it die. The funny thing is, it doesn’t just die. It just won’t output the 36 volts needed. 24 volts, no problem. So mine lasted 34 days. I’ve heard of others making it a few hours. I’m not saying the Chinese manufacturer of these power supply’s can’t make a working piece of junk, they just didn’t fare very good on the run of power supplies that went into these machines.

@Dobber I’m not trying to be a prick. I re-read that and it sounds a little pricky. I hope the power supply proves me wrong. I will probably still call it junk though, I’m just programmed to say junk about anything wearing a “made in China” sticker

@Sloan i totally understand the perception especially of stuff from China. Inwas just going off of my experience with the same type of power supply and the two that i had fail i actaully caused both to fail. One was overloaded and the other inadvertently was too close to some chlorine. It flat made it look 100 years old in a short period of time lol. Hopefully this one works good and you dont have to replace it as downtime sucks for sure

I know. Like iphones, tvs, just about anything with a chip in it. People can’t seriously be happy with that stuff eh?

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@jamesdhatch very true!!

China is capable of making products of any quality. We demand cheap products so that is what they provide.

If we wanted high quality products from China they could do that too, likely better then anyone.

China sending us cheap products is our fault.


I like the 12 valve 1989-1993 . the 6BT is an awesome engine.

@TinWhisperer you nailed it on China. Also, I would have definitely preferred a p-pump 12 valve. I found this truck for $3k because the previous owner claimed the transmission was bad. Turned out to be a bad pressure solenoid. Went through 3 pressure solenoids and transducers before I rebuilt the transmission in my garage. I found a brand new valve body from BD diesel on eBay for $300. It had a little damage but I used my old one to fix it.


@Sloan P pumps are the way to go for sure. Very reliable built many P pumps mechanical and electronic.

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