Machine alarm on crossfire

Getting alarm that torch cable does not have enough slack or THC is not plugged in this is not the case i can fire torch manually any suggestion as to where i might go from here machine worked fine last time i used it but has been a few months.

New G code program?

Do you have a THC or Torch Height Controller?

If not you have to make sure the G code is not asking for a IHS or THC.

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I have THC

Have you ran this G-Code on the table before?

Your torch is probably mounted too high and the Z axis is running out of travel before the IHS switch is tripped. Either that or a wire is broken/disconnected from the IHS switch. Is the IHS light on Firecontrol green all the time?

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yes I have

No z axis on machine and yes the is green no matter what I do never does go grey

How can you have a THC with no Z axis?

If you don’t have a Z axis, you need to have your cut and pierce heights set to zero in the CAM software. If those are anything other than zero, the post processor adds in IHS commands to the code. The error you are getting is because there are IHS commands and Firecontrol is not getting feedback that it expects from the IHS switch that you don’t have.


Thank you was going to go back and check on that