Mach3 versus Windows 7

Hi. I just received my Crossfire and assembled it yesterday. Here’s my situation. I’m a Mac guy. Never owned or worked on a PC in my life before! Sorry, nobody’s perfect! So I bought a second hand PC running on Windows 7. I downloaded the Mach3 file to install the program but it doesn’t open. I’m currently installing Fusion 360 it seems to be working.

Mach3Version 3.043.066

PC with Windows 7
64 bit Operating system

What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Try right click open as administrator?
You trying to open the setup file?

File name is:


HAve the feeling it’s not the proper file. Like I wrote, I don’t know anything about Windows environment!!!

Damn! I got it. I think the download stopped at some point and I did not get the .exe file totally. I downloaded it a second time and I got it! Big learning process here, thanks!!

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