Mach3 rnr motion card not found

So I just got my crossfire pro put together and everything downloaded. Well so i thought. Put everything in the right locations. Open mach and get no movement. Ran through all the troubleshooting topics but still nothing. Tried on another laptop and same thing. The one thing I read though said something about a red flashing light on the control board. That i don’t have. I have a solid green light though. Don’t know if they changed this up for the pro model or if its just a different light. Checked everything else though. Everything is getting power even the motors. I’m stumped.

You can’t use Mach 3 for the Pro. You use FireControl. Go to the Software Downloads page on the Langmuir website and download FireControl and use that. You’ll be good to go then. No more Mach 3 :slight_smile:

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Oh ok. Thank you so much for the info. I appreciate it