Mach3 post processor to use with sheetcam

which post processor to use with sheetcam? Is it the same one I downloaded to use in Fusion360? Im using the mach3 software to cut. sheetcam is asking for a .post file, and the post processor file I downloaded to use with Fusion360 is a .cps file.

Any help would be appreciated.

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It depends. Assuming you have the original CrossFire, not the Pro, then you would use Mach3, No Z. Which comes with SheetCam.


There is a bug in Mach3 dealing with sub-second settings so if you’re doing that, you might want to read this post for how to address it by changing Mach3 to use milliseconds.

Down in that thread (post # 26) I’ve posted a customized version of the Sheetcam post-processor for Mach 3 so that you can specify sub-second settings and they’ll work with Mach 3 so you can have half-second pierce delays for instance.

If you haven’t gotten to where the Mach 3 bug is affecting you, just file this away for when you do. No need to complicate things for you yet :slight_smile:


Good point, but does this post-processor also deal with the SheetCam idiosyncrasy of requiring millisecond values to be expressed in microsecond units? ie, if I set Mach 3 to respond to dwell in milliseconds and I want 250mS dwell, then, in SheetCam I would set pierce delay to 250000. With your post Processor change, would I not touch the Mach 3 settings, but, in SheetCam, express the pierce delay as 0.25?

To answer my own question, I looked at your post processor and can see that it deals with the SheetCam idiosyncrasy in a different way by bypassing SheetCam’s conversion of delay with your own so the delay can be expressed in seconds, including values <1.00, and is converted to the millisecond dwell needed by Mach3. Got it, thanks for the post.

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Before FireControl a bunch of us spent a fair amount of time trying to deal with issues caused by things outside our control like Mach 3 & Sheetcam.

One of the best things about FireControl is that we have a development team we know is concerned with making sure our tables work well :+1:

It would be REALLY nice if the FireControl code was available in a github repository so that there was a bigger development/support team AND interested parties could port it to work with the original CrossFire controller! Licensing terms don’t need to be open source, the code just needs to be accessible for improvement.

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I would second this! Don’t leave us original adopter behind!

So to be clear, if I download Sheetcam I don’t need to worry about the post processor for mach3 since I’m using the OG Crossfire? In other words nothing to do to make it post process correctly?

You need to select a post processor in the Options->Machine->Post Processor tab. For OG CF, you would pick Mach 3 plasma no Z

Do I do that within sheetcam? Sorry if I’m being dense.

Yes, SheetCam generates the G-Code to load into your Mach 3 application driving your CrossFire. It uses a post processor to know what code to generate. In this case the code needs to be for Mach 3 driving a system with no Z axis.

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